Top Cuban Cigar Brands

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What are the top Cuban cigar brands?

Top Cuban Cigar Brands

Here are the top 5 Cuban cigar brands, in order, as ranked by Cigar Aficianado magazine:

* Ramone Allones
* Montecristo
* Cohiba
* Hoyo de Monterrey
* Bolivar

You can't go wrong with any of these brands, but remember that many of these companies also have factories in other countries. So buying a Cohiba doesn't mean you are getting a Cuban Cohiba.



2/8/2007 8:09:44 AM
sungrown said:

"many of these companies also have factories in other countries"

Wrong, these factories are owned by different companies. One owns the rights to Cuban blends, while the other owns the rights to distribute blends to the United States. For example, General Cigar Company owns the rights to distribute Cohiba cigars out of the Dominican Republic. However, General Cigar Company does not own the Cuban trademark.

As far as the best Cuban brands, this is a matter of taste. Yes, you can go wrong with the list provided above, if your palate does not particularly enjoy or agree with the cigar.


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