Too Good to be True is Probably Not So Good

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What if a discount offer seems to good to be true?

Too Good to be True is Probably Not So Good

Remember, the idea is to buy good cigars cheap, not cheap cigars. So beware of discount cigar deals that seem too good to be true, especially when buying online, from a catalog, or anywhere you can't see and touch the cigars before purchasing. A deal on wholesale cigars that seems great isn't so good if the cigars turn out to be counterfeit, which is an especially prevalent problem when buying Cuban cigars. Even if they aren't counterfeit, some dealers sell older, low-quality or segundo (second) cigars as first-quality cigars. So search for good deals on discount cigars, but be very wary of super deals unless you know the dealer or the dealer has been recommended to you by someone you trust.



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