Are Cuban Cigars as Good as They Say?

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Are Cuban cigars as great as their reputation?

Are Cuban Cigars as Good as They Say?

Cuban cigars have their devotees, who claim that the combination of Cuban tobacco and centuries of cigar-making tradition make the sweetest, most aromatic cigars. But more and more serious smokers agree that many Dominican, Honduran and Nicaraguan brands are just as good as Cuban cigars. And these other brands are easier to find, cost less, and won't get you in trouble with the law.



2/8/2007 8:04:04 AM
sungrown said:

Cuba makes great cigars. Cuba makes bad cigars. So does Nicaragua, Honduras and the Dominican. Nobody can tell you what is better, or what you will like more. No one country makes the best, they're all unique and enjoyable in their own way. No tobacco, or strain of tobacco, should be kept on a pedestal above all others. We all have our own tastes and preferences. The idea that Cuban cigars are the best in the world is just plain crazy. Fact is, the world's best Cuban cigar makers are not making cigars in Nicaragua, Honduras and the Dominican.


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