A Cigar's Ash

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How can I tell if a cigar is well constructed?

A Cigar's Ash

A true sign of a well-made cigar is the way it burns, or it's ash. This is a sign that the cigars are well contructed and that the tobacco is properly cured (fermented). Whether they are rare cigars, discount cigars or some that you bought at cheap prices, the best cigars burn evenly and the ash does not flake or fall off until it is 2 – 3 inches long.

Uneven burning cigars could be a sign that the cigar has too much humidity. If that is the case in your cigars, dry them out before smoking them. Just let them sit outside the humidor for 1 day. If that does not work, then the tobacco in the cigar was not properly fermented or the cigar was not well constructed.

Remember, the whiter the ash the better fertilized and cured the wrapper leaf was. It takes time and effort to properly grow and cure tobacco leaves, and the white ash is the reward.



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