Buying Cigars Online

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Is it safe to buy cigars online?

Buying Cigars Online

The best way to buy cigars is to first try out different cigars and decide the ones you like best. You can buy single cigars at local cigar shops. It is hard to find internet merchants that sell one cigar at a time. They normally sell them by the box. This is probably due to the shipping costs. One alternative is to buy cigar sampler packs online. The samplers are usually at special low prices as online cigar stores know that most smokers prefer to try out different cigars before settling on buying a box. Once you have determined the cigar that is right for you, it's time to buy them by the box. Buying cigars by the box is substantially cheaper than buying single cigars. Buying them cheap requires some research and usually online stores offer the best prices.

There are hundreds of websites that offer cigars. Many have outstanding prices and hard to find cigars. If you are going to order online I suggest that you buy from merchants that are ethical and offer money-back guarantees. This ensures that their merchandise is up to standards and that you will receive exactly what you ordered. Also visit cigar related chat rooms and online communities to see if you can get feedback from individuals who may have used those merchants in the past.

Before ordering online, check the store's shipping and return policy. Make sure that if you are not satisfied you have recourse. Since cigars are a moist tobacco product, they tend to dry out during shipping. You can rehabilitate them simply by putting them in your humidor for a few days after receiving them. If that does not work, most established merchants will exchange your cigars if they arrive damaged.

If you are thinking of buying cuban cigars online keep in mind that U.S. Law prohibits the sale or import of Cuban made products. There are some stores that will ship authentic Cuban Cigars to the states and guarantee shipment, but you are buying them with the risk of know that you are violating U.S. law and are subject to severe criminal penalties.

If you live in a high tobacco tax state, buying online will save you money and is usually the best option for cigar smokers.



3/9/2015 9:12:18 AM
Scott Smith said:

I purchase my cigars online fairly often - I usually go through Famous Smoke Shop they offer a money back guarantee for freshness on the cigars and they have great sales all the time.


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