Picking the right cigar brand.

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How do I choose a brand that is suitable to my taste?

Picking the right cigar brand.

Picking the right cigar brands is not as important as picking the RIGHT cigar. There are hundreds of cigar brands to choose from. While some might be more popular than others, this is usually due to advertising and longevity in the marketplace.

There are many brands on the market and selecting by brand can get downright confusing. First decide the cigar that you enjoy the most. Most cigar makers tend to have similar blends of tobacco in all their cigars under that brand.

An example is the Don Kiki cigar. This is one of the cigar brands that I have been making for over 10 years. While there are:

* Don Kiki Green Label (mild)
* Don Kiki Red Label (Medium bodied)
* Don Kiki Brown Label (Full bodied)
* Don Kiki White Label (vintage and extremely aged cigars)

most have very similar characteristics. All the Green Labels have the same blend. The Red Labels have a different blend then the Green Label...and so on.

When you like a cigar, odds are that the cigar maker or the cigar company has other blends with similar characteristics. Once you discover the cigar that you truly enjoy the most, then you will easily find the brand that you can call your favorite. - KIKI



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