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How to remove cigarette smoke from home? Help!

The Best Home Fragrance For Removing The Smell Of Cigarette Smoke

A fragrance oil diffuser works great for clearing away the smell of cigarettes. You can buy one at a craft store or on the Internet for about ten dollars. It works by burning a tea light candle under the ceramic dish with incense resin and fragrance oil in it or just fragrance oil (but if you use only oil, it will burn off very quickly). The heated oil releases a good amount of pure scent, enough to fill a large room. I find it works better than candles, because it is stronger, and better than incense, because incense is smoky and seems to just cover up the smell, not get rid of it. You can look for your favorite fragrance, because there are a lot to choose from.

I bought some Cohiba's about a year ago at an airport, I only smoked one and put the other two in a tupperware container with a piece of damn sponge. At first they grew mold on them which I wiped off and then removed the sponge, then they got too dry about two months ago so I put a really damp spong

Cigars And Mold

Cigars that grow mold on them should be discarded. If mold is growing on the outside, there is a chance that they are also growing mold on the inside.

The taste of these cigars will not be good. It is hard to repair a cigar once it has dried out and if you are using normal tap water the results will not be good.

Can I store a cut cigar in my humidor?

Cut Cigar And Humidors?

You can store a cut cigar in a humidor. The humidor will actually provide a safer environment for the cigar.

Do I take the cigars out of its plastic wrapper before I put them in the humidor?

Cigar Wrappers

In order for the cigar to receive the full benefits of the humidor, you should remove the cigars from their wrappers.

If not removed the wrapper will shield the cigar from the humidity produced in the humidor and will lead to possible drying out the cigar.


Cigar Wrappers

A cigar's wrapper determines much of the cigar's character and flavor. Often times, the wrapper's color and texture is used to describe the cigar as a whole. Below is a list of the wrapper colors, from lightest to darkest:
• "Double Claro" is very light and slightly greenish, is achieved by picking leaves before they mature and drying them quickly.
• "Claro" is light tan and sometimes with a hint of yellow, which is created through shade-grown tobacco.
• "Natural" wrapper is light brown to brown and is most often sun-grown.
• "Colorado Claro " is medium brown in color and usually associated with tobacco grown in the Dominican Republic or in Cuba
• "Colorado" is reddish-brown and also know as "Rosado"
• "Colorado Maduro" is dark brown in color and linked to tobacco grown in Honduras or Cuba
• "Maduro" is a dark brown to very dark brown wrapper and,
• "Oscuro" is the darkest color, black and oily in appearance and texture. Oscuro is usually grown in Cuba, Nicaragua, Brazil or Mexico.


Types of Flavored Cigars

Ever wonder how the flavor gets in the cigar? Whether it's infused through the leaves or tip-dipped in sweetness, each manufacturer has their own secret. Here are a few of the most popular flavored cigars:
- Honey: Scented with orange blossom honey and wrapped in cedar
- Vanilla: Real vanilla beans are used with the filler to create an intense smell of vanilla. Often, these cigars come with a sugar-dipped tip
- Chocolate: Made with cocoa beans and fragrance
- Mint: Tobacco leaves and real mint leaves are infused together as filler for this cigar.

If you want a specific flavor for your cigar, ask your manufacturer or buyer.

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