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How can I tell if a cigar store is good when I walk in?

Walk-In to a Great Cigar Shop

You can tell a good cigar store from a really good or even great cigar shop by checking the brands for sale, smelling the aroma in the store, and then seeing what kind of humidor is used to display cigars for sale. Walk-in humidors are the best. There's more room to display more cigars and the cigars don't get as exposed to room temperature and humidity as in a reach-in or counter humidor.

Is there cigar club information online?

Researching cigar clubs

The Internet is a great place research cigar clubs or anything else to do with cigars. You can find things in your area and anywhere else in the World. When you travel you can look up cigar friendly places. It is always important to be able to locate a good cigar if you are not going to bring any with you. You may also want to wind down on a business trip, or sample cigars that are normally unavailable to you.

Where are cigar clubs?

Cigar clubs

Cigar clubs are a good way to sample and get to know about new and different cigar products. Almost every mail order and online cigar store has a cigar of the month promotion. These are excellent ways of subscribing to the service to receive different cigars each month. This is also a unique gift for those cigar lovers that you know. Each month you receive a selection of cigars and information.

Where can I find a cigar friendly place?

Finding a cigar club

Certain establishments have cigar clubs such as cigar bars, restaurants and tobacco stores. Because of smoking laws in public places around the country and the world, certain places cater to the cigar lovers to attract business.

Some even offer incentives, such as discount cigars. These are great places to enjoy a cigar and meet people with similar interests. There may be dedicated days of the week for smoking or dedicated locations. Check your local yellow-pages for places referred to as cigar bars.

How do I get information on cigar clubs?

Learning about cigar clubs

Through local a cigar shop and personal contacts you can learn about cigar clubs or societies. These cigar clubs and groups are a collection of individuals that like to share their knowledge and love of cigars. The societies meet in person or on the Internet. With a little investigative work you kind find one in your area.

Can I start a cigar club?

Starting a cigar club

If there are no cigar clubs or societies in you area you can easily start one. There are probably many people that would like to get together for the enjoyment of quality cigars. Speak to you local cigar store or smoke shop owner and post notices to spread the word. Contact the local newspapers to list meetings in the community section. And of course there is the Internet to build momentum for any subject or cause. A smoker favorite on the web is Herfers Paradise. You can find cigar smokers from all over the country on their website.

Where Can I Buy Cuban Cigars?

Where Can I Buy Cuban Cigars?

You can't buy Cuban cigars legally at any US cigar store. That's because it's been illegal to import or possess any Cuban exports, including cigars, since 1963. It is also illegal to buy Cuban cigars from an online cigar catalog or a foreign cigar shop where Cuban cigars are legal and have them shipped to the US. If you're caught, you'll pay big money and be subject to jail time. Instead, choose a Honduran or Dominican cigars, which are legal and offer just as good a smoke. You can also choose a Nicaraguan cigar, which is one of the faster growing imports and recently exceeded Dominican cigar imports into the US.

How do I find a good single cigar in my local cigar store?

Cruise for a Single

If you're cruising your local cigar store, chances are you're looking for a single cigar or two -- otherwise, you should proably be shopping online or through a cigar catalog. Here's a guide to looking for a good single cigar in a cigar shop:

* If you plan to smoke right away, look for open boxes in the cigar shop's humidor that appear to have been there for a while. Cigars are shipped "wet" to avoid drying, and need to sit for a week or more in a proper environment before smoking. If you're holding them in your own humidor, this is not a problem.

* Squeeze the cigar gently. It should "give" but not be too soft.

* Look at the wrapper. It should be smooth and tight, and not damaged on either end.

* Look at the tobacco in the exposed end. Look for extreme or abrupt color changes. Poor tastes and uneven burns will often be the result.

Should I buy my cigars online?

Online Cigar Shops Offer Cost-Effective Alternative

Online cigar stores offer a cost-effective alternative to purchasing cigars at the local cigar shop, especially if you purchase by the box. But you need to know what you're looking for at any online cigar catalog. Also, make sure the store is reputable and ships its cigars quickly and in proper containers. Ask around among your cigar-smoking friends as to what online stores are the best, or try one of the major cigar magazine web sites.

cigar club, cigar clubs

What is a Cigar Club?

When cigar smokers talk about cigar clubs, they are really often talking about two completely different things. A cigar club is a group of smokers who gather -- either locally or online -- to smoke cigars, talk about cigars, etc. A cigar club is also a way to buy cigars, where you get cigars shipped to you regularly from a cigar shop or cigar manufacturer, sometimes at discount prices. If you're a cigar smoker, either one could help you enhance your cigar smoking.

How can I buy a gift for a cigar smoker?

Buying a Gift for a Cigar Smoker

If you're not a cigar smoker, and you're looking to buy a gift for one, it can be intmidating to walk into a cigar shop and buy something your cigar-smoker friend will like. There are a couple of ways to deal with this. First, try to find out in advance their brand of choice. If you don't know, ask the cigar shop attendant for a recommendation based on how long your smoker has been smoking cigars and how often. If that fails, you can't go wrong with a popular brand like Macanudo, Arturo Fuente, Don Kiki, or Romeo y Julieta.

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