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What does a father give out after a baby is born?

Cigars and new fathers

What is the most famous gift given by a new father? A cigar of course. The proud papa traditionally give gives out a cigar gift as a way of announcing the arrival of his little boy or girl. Some of the cigars even have the sex of the baby on the wrapper. It's a boy and its a girl cigars have become increasingle popular and the tradition has stood the test of time.

What is a cigar of the month club?

Cigar of the month clubs

A thoughtful cigar gift is a membership in a cigar club or a cigar of the month club. Each month the individual receives a new variety of cigars. In addition to the cigar gift pack there is information on the cigars that are sent each month. These can also serve as corporate gifts and give the seasoned cigar lover exposure to the brands that they may never have tried. For the novice cigar smoker, you will be starting them on the right path towards a love of high quality cigars.

Are humidors good gifts for cigar lovers?

Humidors as gifts

Humidors are exceptional cigar gifts. Providing an initial or new cigar humidor can give the cigar lover the opportunity to take his or her collection to the next lever. Travel humidors are great so that individuals can take their cigars when they are on the move. A cigar gift box that includes a humidor and an assortment of cigars would make anyone's day.

Are cigars good gifts?

Cigar gifts

Cigar gifts are great for the cigar lover. Cigars and their accessories make unique gifts and they also have an excellent touch of class. They are perfect for birthdays, Christmas, Weddings and countless occasions and celebrations. They even make special military gifts. From a single cigar to a cigar gift set, a true aficionado will appreciate the gesture and enjoy it throughout the year.

What's a fail-safe gift for a cigar smoker?

Leather Case Makes a Fail-Safe Gift

A leather cigar case is as close to a fail-safe cigar gift as you can find for a regular smoker. A cigar smoker will use a leather case to bring a selection of his or her favorite premium cigars to work or for an evening out. Brands aren't as important here as color or size. The biggest sellers are leather cases in brown, black or burgandy colors. If the case has "fingers," make sure that they accommodate no less than a 52-ring cigar. Three-finger cases are nice choices, since they fit well in suit pockets.

What is a cigar gift basket?

Cigar gift baskets

A cigar gift basket can include all the accessories needed to start or expand a love of cigars. These cigar gifts can include a host of cigars, a cutter, lighter and travel case. One can spend as much as they want for these gifts. Gift baskets can be specific to a certain brand or contain an assortment. Cigar stores, mail order and web sites are extremely creative with the cigars and accessories gifts. When it comes to cigar gifts for dad or unique gifts, make sure they are special as they will be enjoyed throughout the year.

What's a good gift for a cigar smoking traveler?

For a Cigar Smoking Traveler

For the avid traveler, a protective cigar case is a necessary means of equipment. The Zippo cargo case is a TSA-approved lighter case that allows a smoker to bring his or her Zippo -- or Z-Plus modified Zippo -- on an airplane in carry-on baggage. Another option is to purchase a combo case, which includes a leather carrying case and cigar cutters. In most cases, you can purchase this combo case as a gift with cigars already included. This is an especially appropriate cigar gift for a cigar smoker who travels by air a lot. It's also a good choice as a military gift for a smoker who plans to be overseas.

What's a cool, unique cigar gift?

Looking for a Cool Cigar Gift?

One of the coolest cigar gifts around, both in terms of usefulness and looks, is the Mollino Portable Ashtray by OneOff. It's a ultra-thin, foldable metal sheet with an attached cigar holder. it even comes in its own pocket-size leather case. Imagine being able to whip out your own ashtray anywhere you smoke your favorite cigars, and have a conversation piece besides. It retails for about $100 and is available online.

What's a good suggestion for a lighter gift?

Make a Zippo into a Torch

Lighters make great gifts for cigar smokers. Smokers always need them and can never have enough. But to properly light most cigars, you really need a torch. Sometimes cigarette lighters are not really up to the job. This is where the Z-Plus Torch Flame lighter insert comes in. The Z-plus fits into a standard Zippo lighter case, allowing cigar smokers to keep the shell of a favorite lighter while giving the flame a 21st-century update. The Z-Plus is available online or from local cigar merchants.

What do I need to know about buying a humidor?

Tips on Buying Humidors as Gifts

Humidors are expensive, which is one reason why they can make great cigar gifts for smokers who've spent all their money on premium cigars and have nothing left to pay for storage. Expect to pay at least $150 for a humidor gift and a lot more for very large or fancy models. Make sure your humidor choice is airtight, has a Spanish cedar interior and offers a solid humidification device with a working hygrometer. Choose the right model and your cigar smoker will be really happy with his gift.

What can I give a smoker to help him make less of a stink in the house?

A Gift for Everyone: Scented Candles

Scented candles make good gifts for cigar smokers and perhaps even better gifts for the people they live with. A scented candle with a subtle, masculine scent like cinnamon can do a solid job masking the odor of a cigar and even enhance the aroma that's such an important part of cigar smoking. This gift isn't only meant for the cigar smoker, but for the family as well.

What's a good ashtray gift?

Stinky Ashtrays Popular With Smokers

If you want to give a gift that will make both your cigar smoker and anyone who lives or works with him happy, consider an ashtray. A popular ashtray with cigar smokers is from Stinky Cigar. This ashtray looks a a silver serving bowl you might use to display fruit or nuts on a table. Its deepness allows smokers to drop ashes deep into the bowl, where they don't disturb the smokers or anyone around them. Stinky Cigar also now has a cigar stand, which takes the bowl concept and makes it into a stand-alone portable. Both make great cigar gifts.


Types of Flavored Cigars

Ever wonder how the flavor gets in the cigar? Whether it's infused through the leaves or tip-dipped in sweetness, each manufacturer has their own secret. Here are a few of the most popular flavored cigars:
- Honey: Scented with orange blossom honey and wrapped in cedar
- Vanilla: Real vanilla beans are used with the filler to create an intense smell of vanilla. Often, these cigars come with a sugar-dipped tip
- Chocolate: Made with cocoa beans and fragrance
- Mint: Tobacco leaves and real mint leaves are infused together as filler for this cigar.

If you want a specific flavor for your cigar, ask your manufacturer or buyer.


Flavored Cigars

Take cigar smoking to another level with flavored cigars. From anisette to apple, cigar manufacturers are catering to the growing trend of sweetness among their consumers with flavored cigars.
While some may snuff at the idea, flavored cigars aren't simply for the uneducated cigar smoker. The cigar is flavored by infusing spices and aromas into the leaf to make up the particular flavor, without compromising the integrity of the filler.
You can purchase flavored cigars in variety packs, or by the bundle, depending on the flavor desired.

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