Cigar Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if a cigar is well constructed?

What would be a good cigar to start with?

Is it safe to buy cigars online?

How do I choose a brand that is suitable to my taste?

How can I get Cuban Cigars in the United States?

How do I store my cigars?

Is it wise to buy a humidor online?

What is a Cigar Accessory?

What do I look for in Cigar Cases?

What are Cigar Humidors?

What makes a good Cigar Lighter?

How are cigars made?

How do I cut my cigar?

How do I light a cigar?

What accessories do I need to get started?

What are the different names and sizes of cigars?

What is the history of cigars?

What country is best known for cigars?

Why are Cuban cigars the best?

Where are cigars made?

What premium cigar producers are there?

Where are discount cigars found?

What is a cheap cigar?

How do I get to know a cigar brand?

What makes a quality cigar?

How to find cigar ratings?

Where is a well-regarded cigar review?

Is cigar information available on the Internet?

Are cigar catalogs available?

Who's opinions matters for cigar ratings?

Where are cigar clubs?

How do I get information on cigar clubs?

Can I start a cigar club?

Where can I find a cigar friendly place?

Is there cigar club information online?

What is a premium cigar?

Are all cigars the exactly the same?

What brands are considered premium cigars?

Who enjoys premium cigars?

Are cigars offered wholesale?

Are there ways to try different cigars?

How will a cigar be chosen?

Should the ring remain on while smoking?

What is a stogie?

What is the best way to buy stogies?

Where to enjoy a stogie?

Is there choices of stogies?

Are there different flavors of stogies?

Who is a cigar aficionado?

Where are cigar aficionados?

What are some qualities of someone who enjoy fine cigars?

How to light a cigar?

How to smoke a cigar?

Will there be variances while smoking a cigar?

What is Cigar Aficionado?

What publications exist for the lovers of fine cigars?

What is the right cigar?

Are there rules for each occasion?

Do I need a cigar humidor?

How expensive are good cigar humidors?

How do I choose a cigar humidor?

How can I take my good cigars when I am traveling?

What is the ideal humidity for a cigar?

Can cigars be ages in a humidor?

Can cigars be restored?

What are theses holes in my cigars?

Can a humidor be built?

Are discount humidors available?

What do I look for in a bargain humidor?

Where do I find HERILOOM humidors?

What is a cigar case?

What is a tubo cigar case?

What types of cigar cases are there?

What is a cigar box?

Beyond cigars, what are the uses of a cigar box?

How long can cigars last in cigar cases?

What is a scissors cigar cutter?

How much do cigar cutters cost?

Are cigar cutters available at wholesale?

When to light a cigar?

What is the best way to light a cigar?

What is the best way to enjoy a cigar?

With what do I light a cigar?

What should not be used to light a cigar?

What is a Colibri cigar lighter?

What is a cigar lighter/cutter combination?

Are cigars good gifts?

Are humidors good gifts for cigar lovers?

What is a cigar of the month club?

What is a cigar gift basket?

What does a father give out after a baby is born?

What is a digital hygrometer?

Is a carrying case an accessory?

What can be done to remove cigar smoke odor?

What equipment is available to remove smoke odor?

Are there sprays to eliminate smoke odor?

How do you extinguish a cigar?

Are there such things as smokeless ashtrays?

Why are Cuban cigars illegal?

How do you spot a fake Cuban cigar?

Where can you get legal Cuban cigars?

Can you bring cigars back from Cuba?

What happens if I get caught smuggling cigars?

How much should I pay for Cuban cigars?

How do I compare Cuban cigar prices?

What's a safe, legal way to have a Cuban cigar?

What are the top Cuban cigar brands?

What makes Cuban cigars so special?

Will recently enacted smoking bans affect cigars?

How do I keep my Cuban cigars fresh?

Are Cuban cigars worth the trouble?

How can I find a good local cigar store?

Should I buy my cigars online?

Where are the best local cigar stores?

cigar club, cigar clubs

Can I get a better deal on cigars by joining a club?

How can I buy a gift for a cigar smoker?

Where Can I Buy Cuban Cigars?

How do I find a good single cigar in my local cigar store?

Can I buy cigars through a catalog?

How can I find out what other smokers think of a cigar I want to buy?

How can I tell if a cigar store is good when I walk in?

How can I miminize my risk when buying unknown cigars online?

How much should I pay for a humidor?

What should the temperature and humidity be inside my humidor?

What should I look for in a humidor?

Can I build my own humidor?

Is there such thing as a discount humidor?

What is a 'Tupperdor'?

What's the difference between active and passive humidifaction?

How long can I store premium cigars in my humidor?

Is my refrigerator a good subsitute for a humidor?

What does it mean if I smell ammonia inside my humidor?

How do I deal with low or high humidity inside the humidor?

How do I buy cigars for a gift when I don't smoke myself?

How do I know which cigar samplers make good gifts?

What other choices besides cigars are there for a smoker?

What's a good suggestion for a lighter gift?

What's a good gift for a cigar smoking traveler?

What's a fail-safe gift for a cigar smoker?

What's a cool, unique cigar gift?

What's a classic cigar gift?

What do I need to know about buying a humidor?

What's a good ashtray gift?

What can I give a smoker to help him make less of a stink in the house?

What's a good gift for a military member serving overseas?

Why can't I light my cigar with matches?

What is a torch lighter?

Do I need a wind-resistant lighter?

How much do I need to pay for a good cigar lighter?

What is a laser lighter?

What is a double-flame or triple-flame lighter?

What is an adventure lighter?

What is an electro-quartz lighter?

Is there a lighter out there like James Bond's?

Why can't I use a disposable butane lighter for my cigar?

What's the difference between a discount cigar and a cheap cigar?

What's the easiest way to get a break on the cost of buying cigars?

How do I know I'm buying good cigars, especially online?

What's the best way to shop for a cigar deal online?

What is a segundo cigar?

What if a discount offer seems to good to be true?

How quick to my cigars need to be shiped?

Can I get a bulk discount without buying a box or more?

Can I buy discount cigars direct from the manufacturer?

Can I get discount Cuban cigars?

How can I get discount cigars at my local shop?

What are the different types of premium cigars?

How can I tell a good cigar from a bad cigar?

Are Cuban cigars as great as their reputation?

How much should I clip from my cigar before smoking?

Where should I buy my premium cigars?

Is there any difference between big and small cigars?

How long will my cigars keep?

Are cigars dangerous to my health?

How can I find an ashtray that is made for cigars and doesn't cost a lot?

Do smokeless ashtrays work?

What is a cigar candle and how does it work?

What is the most useful cigar accessory?

How do I know what type of cutter to use?

How can I transport my cigars on outdoor adventures?

What's better? A hard case or a soft leather case?

How can I take my cigars with me on an extended trip?

How to remove cigarette smoke from home? Help!

Recent Cigar Questions

Q. I have heard that cigars should be removed from their wrappers for storage in a humidor. Is that the best way to store them?
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Q. Do I take my cigars out of the wrapper for storage in a humidor?
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Q. i hve built a poker room in vacation home. how do i filter cigar/cigarette smoke out of the room
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Q. hi, I was wondering how to keep my cigar fresh without using humidor. I have a case of Cuban cigars given to me and would like to keep it fresh for as long as I can...Any tips??
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Q. what is the difference between "maduro" and "natural" ?
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Q. I just bought a new humidor, How do I prepare my humidor before I use it for the first time?
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Q. I have mold growing inside my humidor, water has spilled when I overfilled my sponge. How do I clean the humidor so it does not contaminate the rapped smokes and show up again?
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Q. what is size of ring size cigar
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Q. I just bought my first humidor, and there were no instructions as to getting it started. Can you help?
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Q. Are bundles defective cigars? Do you have to be careful when buying bundles due to imperfect cigars? Are all the cigars in a bundle exactly the same other than beng handmade?
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Q. why are some of my cigars turning somewhat of a green tint?
are they safe to smoke and does shipping them have any affect on them changing color?Thanks.

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Q. Looking for cigar tips, holders. Teamo made a neat economical one a few years ago, but I can`t find them. Any advice appreciated. Thanks, Russ Lester
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Q. should I unwrap my cigars before I put them in the humidor. I have some, that do not have a plastic wrapper. thanks
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Q. I bought an expensive humidifier, "Prince Edward". It was the large one. My humidor hold only 100 cigars. My digital hygrometer reads 74deg at 72 % humidity. I want to keep the humidity at between 61-67% how do I do that??? I dont want my humidor to be too humid.
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Q. im looking for a light, not to expensive cigar. i like to sit out on the back porch with a few beers and a good light cigar.
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Q. what roll does price play in rating a cigar. For example would one compare a Mayorga vs. Rocky Patel, ???
or are cigars rated within a price range,and then against the standards of presentation, burn, wrap, taste, etc.????
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Q. Hope you don`t mind a few questions:

1. I bought an old humidor - the foam inside the creedo has turned brownish - so I will replace it with a new & better system - How do I properly clean the cedar interior - I was considering using a mixture of distilled water and antibacterial soap.

2. I have cigars that came in a wooden box - The cigars are wrapped in cello & packed in individual cedar boxes - what is the best way to store them.

3. Do you need to store glass and tin tubed cigars in a proper humidor.

Thanks sharing your knowledge.

Best regards,
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Q. how can i calibrate my humidor?
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Q. I`m a confirmed cigar smoker, and I would like to know if there is an easy way to quickly remove the odor from my moustache after smoking a cigar. I`m certain it`s mostly nicotine odor. I`ve tried toothpaste, but it doesn`t begin to affect it.

Thanks for any help you can provide.
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Q. If I buy cigars in tins, is it better to store them in the tins(with the lid closed) or to put the cigars in my humidor?
Also, I was wondering how cigars in tins (or boxes) are kept humidfied in stores. If they are sealed up, what keeps the air inside from drying up?
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Q. I recently was out of the country for over a year. My humidor was not maintained for that period of time and now the cigars are dry. I don`t want to throw them out, is it possible to restore them at all?
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Q. I got my cigars through a mail order, and they all came with cello wraps on them. I put them in my humidor (67 degrees, 70% RH controlled) with the wraps left on. My question is: will the cigars be better off with the cello on or off? On one hand, I would think leaving them on is better for them, since they probably were stored at the supplier like that for maybe many months, and they are in great condition.
On the other hand, if I take them off (besides the marrying issue), would they stay as good as they would with the wrap on? In other words, does the humidified cigar in the cello stay humidified indefinitely if the wrapper is left on? Or will it dry up?
I read somewhere to compromise by leaving the cello on, but keeping one end of it open for air to get in.
thanks for any tips.

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Q. when i place my cigars in my humidor sould i take them out of their box and sould i take cellophane off?
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Q. My girlfriend just bought me a craftsman`s bench humidor. How do i get it started before i can put the cigars in? The lady at the store never gave us instructions.
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Q. How long can I keep a box of cigars outside a humidor? I have had them outside for a week? How long should I keep them in a humidor to restore them.
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Q. in a cigar humidor the disc like humidifier that sits on the inside roof, how do i use it?
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Q. I buy different brand cuban cigars 25 in a box. Some come in aluminium tubes, some cellophane wrapped and some unwrpped. I don`t own a humidor. I keep the boxes in a fridge and grab a cigar as and when I want to smoke. My question is:
a. Are thes safe in aluminium tubes? and
b. Is storing in a fridge enough?
Thank you
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Q. what are the cigars with the little whistle type tips on them?
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