Want Cubans? Go to Cuba

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Can you bring cigars back from Cuba?

Want Cubans? Go to Cuba

If you make a licensed visit to Cuba for charity purposes or a work-related event, you can bring back up to $100 worth of Cuban cigars to the United States for personal use. For information on travel restrictions, foreign purchases and custom requirements, talk to your local travel agent or visit the US Customs Service at www.customs.gov.



2/6/2007 6:20:55 PM
Christie said:

Not true. It is illegal to bring Cuban cigars into the US. Check out the US Customs at www.customs.gov!!!! $55,000 fine!

1/7/2009 5:05:46 AM
Dan said:

Christie is correct. This was true prior to Aug 2004, but now the law bans ALL import of ANY amount of Cuban cigars across the board.

6/18/2009 1:00:28 PM
5CardCharlie said:

It used to be true that you could bring up to $100 worth of Cuban cigars into the US (if you had a valid visa to visit Cuba) prior to 2004. It is no longer the case.


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