What to Look for in a Humidor

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What should I look for in a humidor?

What to Look for in a Humidor

When shopping for a cigar humidor, there are a few basics to keep in mind no matter how much you're planning to spend:

* Many experts claim that your humidor needs a Spanish Cedar interior and that any wooden interior needs to be unfinished. There is a big difference between American and Spanish cedar.

* You need to be able to keep a constant level of humidity in the humidor with as little work as possible on your part. Some have expensive reservoir systems, others simply use a wet sponge inside the humidor.

* Make sure your humidor has a good-quality hygrometer, which is a device used to measure humidity.

When it comes to buying nice humidors to store your premium cigar brands, your only limit is going to be your pocketbook.



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