Too Wet or Too Dry? Here's What to Do

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How do I deal with low or high humidity inside the humidor?

Too Wet or Too Dry? Here's What to Do

If your premium cigars are too dry inside your cigar humidor, add more water to your humidification device. You also might want to check to make sure the humidor is airtight and nothing is leaking out. If your premium cigar brands are too wet inside the humidor, open the lid for a while and let it dry out. You can also reduce or remove liquid in the humidifier.



3/1/2012 1:20:46 PM
Norman said:

This is good advice except if you live in a humid region. I live in Florida, on the coast, and have the problem of over-humidification. On drier days I open the humidor but we have stretches where it is overly humid for periods of time.

Is there anything I can place in the humidor to soak up extra moisture? I've seen the gel packs that say to soak in distilled water to use. Will these absorb moisture from the air if you don't soak them?


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