Cigar Wrappers

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Do I take the cigars out of its plastic wrapper before I put them in the humidor?

Cigar Wrappers

In order for the cigar to receive the full benefits of the humidor, you should remove the cigars from their wrappers.

If not removed the wrapper will shield the cigar from the humidity produced in the humidor and will lead to possible drying out the cigar.



3/10/2009 6:33:30 PM
Anthony said:

This is incorrect...the celopane wrapper cigars come in breathe, so leaving it in the wrapper in your humidor is A OK. If you were to leave a wrapped cigar out of your humidor it would dry out becuause the wrapper is porous and would not retain humidity.

2/4/2012 2:41:25 PM
Jonas Cutlet said:

I agree.


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