Choosing Accessories

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What accessories do I need to get started?

Choosing Accessories

When cigar smoking took hold in Europe it was a sign of wealth. Prior to the premium cigar's recent increase in popularity the price of cigar accessories was proof of that. Since that time the price of cigar accessories has dropped due to the economies of making so many for so many cigar smokers. Everything from humidors to cigar cutters and cigar cases can be found at very affordable prices.

When choosing accessories be sure that it serves the intended purpose, regardless of the brand. Many brands charge a "luxury" bonus for the priveledge of displaying their logo. Other's offer comparable products at reasonable prices. It's up to you how snobby you want to be about your accessories. But whatever you decide to buy, make sure that it is guaranteed, specially if you buy it on the internet.

For the cigar smoker, the humidor will be the most important accessory you will buy. This box will hold your treasured cigars so make sure that the seal is right and tight.

When it comes to lighters, cutters, cases, etc... I love these items as much as the next guy and have purchased my share. But I have come to realize that the less I spend on accessories the more I can spend on good cigars. I choose them based on the quality, appearance, functionality and guarantee, as well as price.



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