Buying Humidors Online

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Is it wise to buy a humidor online?

Buying Humidors Online

Buying cigar humidors online can sometimes be risky, but if you buy from a reputable merchant that offers a money-back guarantee, it could be the best deal that you ever made.

The biggest problem with buying humidors online is the shipping charges. Some online cigar merchants impose additional charges for shipping humidors so don't just look at the price of the humidor. Others have a standardized shipping charge and you can get a cheap deal as long as the humidors are priced competitively. The bottom line is that you must look at the total after shipping price when buying humidors.

Before you buy a humidor determine the room where it will be kept. The room's furniture should guide you as to the humidors that you will look for. Try to match the humidors exterior with the décor of the room. Remember that humidors are not only functional but must also serve to enhance the environment of the room. The finest humidors have lacquer “piano” finishes. They usually cost more but their shine and beauty make the extra cost worthwhile.

The humidors interior is important in order to maintain your cigars in optimum condition. Spanish cedar interiors are best, but if you live high in the mountains, you will most like need an erable wood interior. This wood is harder than cedar and therefore allows a slightly tighter seal. In both cases the seal is important. You can test the seal by inserting a dollar bill on the seal between the lid and humidor's body. Close the top and see how difficult it is to slide the bill out of the seal. If it slides out easily, then you have a weak seal. If it requires tugging, the humidor has a good seal. In addition, you can drop the top and listen for the “swoosh” of the wind as it closes. If there is no “swoosh” sound when the top lid hits the seal, then the seal might not be adequate to maintain the proper humidity level.

There are many online stores that offer humidors at great prices. Before ordering online, check the store's shipping and return policy. Make sure that if you are not satisfied you have recourse. Many offer quality products and if they do not stand behind their humidors, why should you. Before you buy you should do your research. There is nothing worse than a bad humidor.

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