Cigar Cases

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What do I look for in Cigar Cases?

Cigar Cases

Cigar cases protect your cigars from damage and the environment while you carry them from place to place. They serve as Humidors in protecting your cigars while your transport them from place to place. Cigar Cases are also a clothing accessory for cigar smokers. Coordinating the case you carry with your attire is very common. It is also very simple to do it correctly if you follow the simple rule of matching the case's appearance with your shoes and belt, and not with your suit or shirt.

The finest cigar cases are made of leather. Be careful with lower priced, mass produced cases that are made with man-made materials. They tend to have a “chemical” smell that will stay with your cigars. It can even change your cigar's taste. Some cases have cedar lining but that tends to make them heavier and if the case is not humidified, the cedar removes moisture from your cigars. Leather cigar cases are not only elegant but enhance the cigar smoking experience.

Cases either have “fingers” or are flat. The fingers are molded sections of the case that are the shape of cigars. They tend to cost a little more with the fingers but are usually better at protecting the cigar.

They hold cigars of various lengths and ring gauges. One thing to always remember when buying a cigar case is to find one that hold the length and ring gauge of the cigars that you will be smoking. If the case is made for 50 ring gauge cigars, DO NOT place 54 ring gauge cigars in it. This could damage the cigar. If it made for Robusto size cigars, DO NOT put Churchills in the case.



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