Cigar Lighters

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What makes a good Cigar Lighter?

Cigar Lighters

Cigars are very different than cigarettes. They are made with moist tobacco rather than dry tobacco. Properly lighting a cigar with a cigarette lighter is filled with risk. From outright damage to uneven burn is possible. You need a lighter designed for the job.

Cigar lighters designed for cigars tend to have a broader flame. They use clean burning butane (preferably triple or more filtered). Butane, unlike lighter fluid, does not affect the taste of the cigar. The best lighters for cigars are double or triple flame butane flint lighters, as well as torch lighters.

Torch lighters use butane that produces an intense blue or green flame that looks like it could weld steel. The flame will properly light your cigar evenly but be careful not to char the cigar, as it could affect the taste.



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