Things to Look for in a Good Cigar Humidor

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How do I choose a cigar humidor?

Things to Look for in a Good Cigar Humidor

Just as you took care in choosing a humidor, you want to have patience breaking it in. Keep in mind that you are recreating the tropical environments where the cigars were created. You cannot rush the process of getting cigar humidors ready. Most humidors have an interior made of Spanish Cedar.

* Season or humidify the wood with a new clean sponge and a good dose of distilled water and wipe the exposed wood.
* Place the damp sponge on a plastic bag and prepare the humidification device according to the manufacturers instructions.
* Close the lid and let it sit over night.
* Refill the device and sponge the following day, if necessary, and let it sit over night once again.
* Remove the sponge and plastic and your cigars should now be ready for the humidor.



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