Choosing your first cigar.

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What would be a good cigar to start with?

Choosing your first cigar.

My advice to the beginner would be to condsider what type of experience you are looking for. Cigars come in different tastes, shapes and sizes. Personally I would suggest that the novice choose a mild to medium bodied cigar, but each individual can have a different experience and opinion about the same cigar. The most sensible step to take would be to try different cigars within the mild to medium-bodied category. Speak with experienced cigar smokers, tell them what you are looking for and then weigh your options. You can also buy sampler packs with different cigars and determine for yourself the one that is best for you. What is one cigar smoker's favorite may not be for you. With so many different cigar options available, it is best to experiment with cigars from different countries. Each cigar also has it's own blend of tobacco so it will taste different, even though it may be from the same country. Make sure that you use the appropriate cigar cutters when cutting their tip and store them in humidors and not in the box they came in. You will eventually find your preferred cigar. - KIKI



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