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What is the best way to buy stogies?

Cigar Bundles

Cigar bundles are excellent ways to purchase stogies. By buying in quantity you can buy at a discount. This allows you to enjoy you stogies more often. And at a lower price. Everyone likes a deal on cigars, especially when they are good ones.

What is a stogie?

The Stogie

Stogies are great cheap cigars. The name derived from a place called Conestoga, Pennsylvania. The name also refers generically to a cigar in general. The crude images of a cigar are sometimes accompanied by the generalization of “stogie.” A smoking stogie conjures up images of a dense odorous cloud. It is now used as a generic term for a cigar.

Is there choices of stogies?

Choosing a stogie

Choosing the right stogie is not always easy. Choices reflect the mood of the person smoking. A choice can also be based on the event. Should it be long, fat , short, flavored, harsh, or mild. It rest more in your tastes than in any rules. Thankfully, there is very little etiquette when it comes to smoking a good stogie.

Where to enjoy a stogie?

Cards and stogies

What poker game would be complete without stogies. A table full of guys chomping on big fat cigars. The smoke hanging overhead shading the ante lost in the middle of the table. If you are planning a poker night with the boys, or a bachelor party, stogies are a must have! They add to the experience and make a unique gift.

Are there different flavors of stogies?

Flavored stogies

Some stogies come flavored. They come in flavors like cherry, vanilla, chocolate and banana. These aren't for everyone and it all depends on your tastes and mood. If you are feeling creative and adventurous you can flavor your own cigars. Take a few leaves and add some drops of your favorite flavor concentrate, then enjoy your custom flavored cigar!

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