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Can I store a cut cigar in my humidor?

Cut Cigar And Humidors?

You can store a cut cigar in a humidor. The humidor will actually provide a safer environment for the cigar.

I bought some Cohiba's about a year ago at an airport, I only smoked one and put the other two in a tupperware container with a piece of damn sponge. At first they grew mold on them which I wiped off and then removed the sponge, then they got too dry about two months ago so I put a really damp spong

Cigars And Mold

Cigars that grow mold on them should be discarded. If mold is growing on the outside, there is a chance that they are also growing mold on the inside.

The taste of these cigars will not be good. It is hard to repair a cigar once it has dried out and if you are using normal tap water the results will not be good.

Do I take the cigars out of its plastic wrapper before I put them in the humidor?

Cigar Wrappers

In order for the cigar to receive the full benefits of the humidor, you should remove the cigars from their wrappers.

If not removed the wrapper will shield the cigar from the humidity produced in the humidor and will lead to possible drying out the cigar.

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