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Who is a cigar aficionado?

An aficionado

An aficionado is defined as a person who likes, has knowledge of, and appreciates a pursued interest or activity. Therefore, a cigar aficionado is person who knows and pursues the enjoyment of fine cigars. A fine cigar would be characterized as a premium, quality constructed cigar. But, a fine cigar is truly in the eye of the beholder. Or at least in the mouth of the smoker.

How to light a cigar?

Lighting a cigar

A cigar aficionado knows how to properly light a cigar. Hold the cigar over the flame of the lighter or match. But not in it. Roll the cigar in your fingers until it is lit. Then place it in your mouth while continuing to roll it and lightly draw. Once the entire rim is evenly lit it is ready to smoke.

What are some qualities of someone who enjoy fine cigars?

The pleasure of smoking a cigar

Cigar smoking is a pleasure enjoyed by many around the world and through the course of history. A cigar aficionado holds his or her cigar with passion like a wine connoisseur holds a bottle of wine. Cigars are an investment for the aficionado. Each smoke is held in high regard and should be an unhurried experience to be savored.

Are there rules for each occasion?

Rules for the occasion

Are there rules for the right occasion? Not really. There are fundamental suggestions that cigar aficionados respect. When smoking more than one cigar a day, start with the mildest. A light cigar will seem bland after a strong one. Choose you cigar based on having time to enjoy it. Quick smokes are enjoyable but fine cigars are to be experienced slowly and with pleasure.

What publications exist for the lovers of fine cigars?

Cigar magazines and web sites

In addition to Cigar Aficionado, there are numerous other cigar magazines including Smoke Magazine and the Cigar and Wine Review Magazine. There are also many Internet guides for the cigar enthusiast such as: Cigar Label Gazette, Cigar Diary, Cigar Smoker Magazine, and Cigar Life. There is no shortage of information for the cigar lover. Countless web sites exist on the subject.

What is Cigar Aficionado?

Cigar Aficionado Magazine

There are many cigar magazines. One of the most popular is Cigar Aficionado. This publication highlights the cigar and the people who enjoy cigar smoking. There are six issues of the magazine each year providing its readers with valuable and entertaining information. It has developed a rating system for cigars to help its readership gather quality information on the products available in the market.

Where are cigar aficionados?

Cigar clubs and the cigar aficionado

Cigar Clubs are a good place to find the cigar aficionado. These clubs focus on the love of premium cigars. Cigar of the month clubs allow the cigar aficionado to sample different cigars each month. This allows the individual to broaden their tastes and cigar repertoire. You may come upon a cigar that you otherwise would never have tried.

How to smoke a cigar?

Smoking a cigar

Smoking a cigar should be enjoyable. A cigar aficionado knows how to savor the moment. Pull the smoke and enjoy the flavor of the cigar. Take long deep draws from the cigar, not small short puffs. This keeps it burning evenly. Rolling the cigar while you smoke also keeps an even burn. And don't flick your ash, let it naturally fall off into the ashtray.

What is the right cigar?

Choosing a cigar

What is the right cigar choice? A cigar aficionado knows that it depends on the situation. Certain cigars go better with certain foods. With certain wines. A brand of cigar my be best experienced in a certain room while in a special mood. Also when selecting cigars you have a wide variety of lengths, thickness and shapes to choose from. On average, thicker cigars have smoother draws than thinner ones, and therefore are cooler and slower burning. Cigars can be very mild, mild, mild to medium, medium, medium to strong, or strong to very strong. In addition, they can be spicy, or flavored with such tastes as rum or vanilla.

Will there be variances while smoking a cigar?

Differences end to end

Will a cigar have a different taste from one end of a cigar to the other? A cigar aficionado will experience various flavors as they burn. Spices, wood, leather, and of course the different leaves will vary on each cigar. The subtle differences in taste make the cigar enjoyable. This adds to the experience, capturing all that a cigar has to offer. When coupled with a full bodied wine or a brandy, these flavors can be further enhanced.

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