Smoking a cigar

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How to smoke a cigar?

Smoking a cigar

Smoking a cigar should be enjoyable. A cigar aficionado knows how to savor the moment. Pull the smoke and enjoy the flavor of the cigar. Take long deep draws from the cigar, not small short puffs. This keeps it burning evenly. Rolling the cigar while you smoke also keeps an even burn. And don't flick your ash, let it naturally fall off into the ashtray.



12/10/2007 7:41:17 AM
James White said:

This is a very important tip: I often see seasoned cigar smokers taking short fast draws off a cigar, or flicking their ash. I smoke full-bodied cigars and the only way to enjoy a cigar of this caliber is long, slow draws savoring every moment. By the way I smoke Partagas Black Label


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