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What are the different types of cigar cutters?

Cigar Cutters

The object of the cutter is to create an ample and smooth opening in your cigar for smoking. There are various types of Cigar Cutters, each different in the way they work. Cutting your cigars correctly means you will have a better tasting smoke, so do it right and use the correct cutter.

CIGAR GUILLOTINE CUTTERS – They have a single blade that when pressure is applied to the cutter, usually with your fingers, will cut your cigar's head from one side to the other. These “guillotines” are handy, economical and general have a low risk of breakage. Since the blade cuts through the cigar from one side to the other, there is more pressure on one side of the cigar than the other and risk of damage to the cigar's head, or worse, the cigar's wrapper leaf. Guillotine Cutters have their use but just be careful.

DOUBLE-BLADE CIGAR CUTTERS – The classic cigar cutter. They have 2 blades that cross each other when your cigar's head is in the center. The blades cut the cigar evenly from both sides, with uniform pressure. The best of these have self-sharpening blades that are made of stainless steel. These are my preferred cigar cutters.

CIGAR V-CUTTER – Similar to the Guillotine cutter but the blade has a V shape. The cigar's head is placed against a stopper and the blade drops and cuts a V from one side of the head to the other. Not advisable for shaped cigars, such as the Torpedo. Also poses the risk of damage to the cigar.

“HOLE” PUNCH CUTTERS – This cutter has also been called the “Bullet” cutter. It has a round blade that when pushed against the head of the cigar cuts a circle. This is a very compact cutter and works well on some cigars. It is not practical on shaped cigars that do not have a flat head.

OTHERS – There are table cutters, floor cutters, electronic cutters and others. Most use the same concept as described in the above detailed cutters. With technological advances, some cutters are bound to show up that use a different method to cut your cigars.

What is a cigar box?

Cigar boxes

Cigar boxes are another way to temporarily store and transport cigars. A cigar case of this type is usually what a cigar is displayed in within the cigar store humidor. Some are made of cardboard. But the quality cigar boxes are constructed of quality wood. Material like pine, cedar or plywood, are used in their construction.

What is a Cigar Accessory?

What is a Cigar Accessory?

Cigar accessories are products that enhance your cigar smoking experience. The major items are humidors, cigar cutters, cigar cases, and cigar lighters. Then there are those cigar related products that cigar smokers and those around them enjoy. These include cigar holders, ashtrays, cigar smoke eliminators and cigar themed gift items. Even cigar books and magazines are considered an accessory for cigar smokers.

Beyond cigars, what are the uses of a cigar box?

The uses of a cigar box

Cigar boxes can have many uses. Not only are these cigar cases used for cigars, a cigar box is also used to store everything from change to photos once their initial use is complete. Some even use them as a clothing accessory. Some people attach straps to the boxes and create cigar box purses. Cigar purses are an excellent example of the art people create with cigar boxes.

What is the most useful cigar accessory?

Off With Its Head (or Tip)

When it comes to useful cigar accessories, you can't ever go wrong with a classic guillotine cigar cutter. The guillotine works like its French namesake, with blades that neatly lop off the end of the cigar. A single-bladed cutter comes from one direction, while a double-bladed cutter comes from both sides simultaneously. These cigar cutters are relatively inexpensive -- under $40 -- and available online or at just about any tobacco or smoke shop that sells premium cigars.

How long can cigars last in cigar cases?

Temporary storage

Remember that cigar cases are meant for temporary storage. And they are also to protect your cigars in transport. Once you have reached your destination get them into your cigar humidor. The best cases will only keep a cigar humidified for up to 72 hours. Having cases and boxes as a keepsake is another way to make your cigar experience enjoyable.

How can I find an ashtray that is made for cigars and doesn't cost a lot?

Look for Antique Ashtrays

One way to save on cigar ashtrays while finding interesting and classic designs at the same time is to search flea markets and antique stores for older ashtrays. Antique ashtrays were almost always designed for cigars. So if you poke around enough, you should be able to find interesting older ashtrays that look good and can even become conversation pieces among your cigar-smoking friends.

How do I cut my cigar?

Cutting Your Cigar

There are many ways as well as different tools to cut a cigar. There is the guillotine cutter, the punch, the v-shaped cutter and cigar scissors. Many people today use the punch because it is compact and easy to carry. However, if you want to truly experience the full flavor of your cigar I suggest a double-bladed cigar cutter or a good pair of cigar scissors.

Cutting your cigar correctly means you will have a better tasting smoke, so do it right. Just cut about an eigth of an inch off the head. Cigar Cutters with Double blades that are self-sharpening are better than those with a single blade, as they are less likely to cause cigar damage. The object of the cut is to create an ample and smooth opening for smoking. This allows you to draw evenly, which in turn creates an even cigar burn.

What accessories do I need to get started?

Choosing Accessories

When cigar smoking took hold in Europe it was a sign of wealth. Prior to the premium cigar's recent increase in popularity the price of cigar accessories was proof of that. Since that time the price of cigar accessories has dropped due to the economies of making so many for so many cigar smokers. Everything from humidors to cigar cutters and cigar cases can be found at very affordable prices.

When choosing accessories be sure that it serves the intended purpose, regardless of the brand. Many brands charge a "luxury" bonus for the priveledge of displaying their logo. Other's offer comparable products at reasonable prices. It's up to you how snobby you want to be about your accessories. But whatever you decide to buy, make sure that it is guaranteed, specially if you buy it on the internet.

For the cigar smoker, the humidor will be the most important accessory you will buy. This box will hold your treasured cigars so make sure that the seal is right and tight.

When it comes to lighters, cutters, cases, etc... I love these items as much as the next guy and have purchased my share. But I have come to realize that the less I spend on accessories the more I can spend on good cigars. I choose them based on the quality, appearance, functionality and guarantee, as well as price.

What is a tubo cigar case?


Tubos are single cigar cases or tubes in which cigars sometimes come packed. The tubes help keep the cigars properly moisturized. These are great for one-time moves. There are some nice silver or wooden tubos available for repeated use. These elegant tubes can keep a cigar properly humidified for up to three days.

Is there an environmetally friendly cigar candle?

Soy Candle, Too

So you want an odor-neutralizing cigar candle, but you want to be friendly to envrionment, too? The Vermont Soy Candle is a cigar accessory can take care of both needs. This candle is made from Soy wax, instead of beeswax or paraffin. So it burns cleaner, with no black smoke or soot, while lasting longer (up to 60 hours) than many other cigar candles. It also comes in a spray, to eliminate odors embedded in clothes or furniture.

How can I take my cigars with me on an extended trip?

Travel in Style

If you've invested a lot in premium cigars and you want to take them with you traveling, you need to invest in a good leather cigar case. Even better, try to find one that doubles as a humidor, with Spanish cedar interior and humidification. Be prepared to pay big money -- some of the less expensive ones still demand around $300. But if you want to transport your premium cigars in premium style, this is the cigar accessory for you.

What types of cigar cases are there?

Leather cigar cases

Other types of cigar cases come in leather. Leather cases usually carry from two to six cigars. This gives the opportunity to carry a good days supply. Fingered compartments in the case allow the cigar to stay in place. Because you like a variety in your cigars, you want versatility in you case. An option of telescoping fingers within the case allows the longer cigars to be protected just as well. These cases can also often double as an eyeglasses case for versatility.

What is a cigar case?

Traveling with cigars

Don't leave home without your cigars. When you are traveling you will want to protect your cigars. Cigar cases are a good way to guard and enjoy your cigars on the run. There are many types- tubes, cases, and boxes. The items can be light, sporty, and efficient in protecting and temporarily storing your smokes.

What's a cigar knife?

Jack of all Cutting Trades

Deciding on a cigar cutter is really a matter of personal preference. While it seems like most of the cigar smoking world uses guillotine cutters, other types of cigar cutters include scissor cutters and cigar knives. The cigar knife is probably the most versatile. Many contain a cigar punch, a standard blade and a mini-pair of scissors. This way, it can meet the cutting needs of any smoker, no matter their preference.

How can I transport my cigars on outdoor adventures?

Waterproof Cigar Cases

Some folks want to be able to light up a cigar wherever they are -- celebrating scaling a mountain, a hole in one or the end of a long day of hiking or backpacking. But in order to enjoy their cigars at the exact right time, the cigars need to be transported in something that keeps them fresh and waterproof, no matter where their adventuring owner takes them. Whether you're boating, climbing, flying or driving, invest in a waterproof cigar case that will keep your cigars moist, without drowning them in harsh weather conditions.

How much do cigar cutters cost?

Using quality cutters

Cigar cutters range in price from around $1 on up to around $75. There are numerous manufactures of each type of cigar cutter. Many cigar producers will include a cutter in a bulk purchase. Not only are they good for cutting they also advertise their brand. As with other accessories, be careful of the cheap cigar cutters. You do not want to damage your cigar and miss out on a quality smoke.

Are cigar cutters available at wholesale?

Discount cigar cutters

As with the other products in the cigar world there are opportunities to purchase discount cigar cutters. There are wholesale cigar cutters available at cigar stores, online, and through mail order. These companies buy in bulk and can pass off the savings to their customers. Know the pricing. Know what is a quality buy and make sure that they offer a guarantee.

What is a scissors cigar cutter?

The scissors cutter

A cigar scissors cutter is another version of a cigar cutter. This is a popular style with cigar enthusiasts. The scissors place consistent pressure on the cigar. It provides an even cut. The scissors blade is also easily sharpened - an important feature to a cigar connoisseur.

Is a carrying case an accessory?

Cigar Holders and accessories

Other fine cigar accessories are items to carry the cigars. Cigar holders ensure that your cigars safely get where they are going. Theses cigar accessories allow you to travel with some of your inventory. The holders provide protection from damage. There nothing more discouraging than a damaged cigar.

Are there such things as smokeless ashtrays?

Smokeless ashtrays

With modern technology there are smokeless cigar ashtrays. Smoke can be overwhelming to some. These ashtrays collect the smoke as the cigar is at rest. While the smoke is drawn into to the device the air is cleaned. Theses smokeless ashtrays allow for the cigar lover to enjoy his smoke while his companions are not opressed with heavy smoke and odor.

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