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Where is a well-regarded cigar review?

Cigar rating system

Cigar Aficionado has developed a cigar 100 point rating system based on four aspects of cigars.

* The first area concentrates on appearance and construction or how the cigar feels and looks.
* The second is the flavor, taking into account the smoothness and distinct taste.
* The third area of the system is the smoking characteristics - judging how the cigar lights, burns and draws.
* Finally, the area that is the most important and counts most towards the rating, is the overall impression of the cigar.

Is cigar information available on the Internet?

Cigar information on the Internet

Cigar Websites are a good source of cigar ratings. With the development of the digital age there is no shortage of cigar information on the Internet. Every topic is included from the history of the cigar to the best made cigars. Everyone has an opinion and the world wide web is an outlet. A cigar smoker can do an incredible amount of research into finding out just about anything on cigars thereby helping him or her become a connoisseur.

What makes a quality cigar?

Elements of a good cigar

The making of a good cigar rests on two elements. One is the quality of the tobacco. The other is the quality of the construction of the cigars. The consistency of both must be taken into account for cigar ratings. Anyone can make a good cigarif they take these two elements into consideration and execute appropriately. Also consider the ring guage of a cigar when choosing your brand. The girth of a cigar is customarily expressed in terms of its ring guage in 1/64ths of an inch. Thus, if a cigar has a ring quage of 49, it is 49/64th of an inch thick.

Who's opinions matters for cigar ratings?

Individuals tastes

One of the best cigar rating systems in the World is personal experience or the experience of someone you know and trust. It is always good to ask a tobacco shop owner his or her opinion. They know what quality is. You may know of someone that is a cigar connoisseur so their opinion is always valued.

Are cigar catalogs available?

Cigar catalogs

Cigar catalogs are also an excellent source of cigar ratings. These catalogs rely on their customers for business so they provide them with updates and quality information on the product that they advertise. There are many types of catalogs including mail order and website. Thompson Cigar is oldest mail order cigar company in America.

How to find cigar ratings?

Cigar reviews

Cigar ratings are available in a variety of formats. Cigar reviews are available online and in print magazinest. Some of the best and most trusted cigar magazines are:

* Cigar Aficionado
* Cigar Smoker
* CigarWise

These publications constantly provide solid reviews and ratings that you can trust. Readers count on this information for learning about new premium cigars and brand names they may have not yet discovered.

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