Cuban Cigars used to be the best in the World

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How can I get Cuban Cigars in the United States?

Cuban Cigars used to be the best in the World

Cuban Cigars were recognized as the best in the world for many years. Due to the political and economic situation in Cuba, the cigars are no longer considered the best. They have been outranked by many cigars from other countries. Cigar aficionados throughout the world have been searching to replace the fine taste and qualities of pre-castro Cuban cigars with those of other tobacco growing countries. Cigars from Cuba still have that mystique and many in the U.S. would still like to smoke them. However, due to to the "Trading With the Enemy Act" issued by the United State government in July of 1963, the importation of Cuban Cigars is prohibited. It is also illegal to bring them into the United States from countries where they can be obtained legally. Only "licensed" visitors to Cuba can bring Cuban Cigars into the country legally, and the amount is very limited.

There are quite a few online stores that will readily ship Cuban made Cigars to the United States, some even guarantee shipment. Many of these cigar merchants offer authentic Habanos but quite a few sell counterfeits, so buyer beware. Also, please keep in mind that if you live in the United States, you are breaking the law by purchasing them and are subject to serious criminal fines, including imprisonment. With such good cigar smoking around, why risk it?



6/18/2009 1:03:15 PM
5CardCharlie said:

As of 2004, it is no longer legal to bring back $100 worth of cigars from Cuba. And as a side note, it's actually illegal for a US citizen to buy a cuban cigar anywhere in the world.


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