Cruise for a Single

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How do I find a good single cigar in my local cigar store?

Cruise for a Single

If you're cruising your local cigar store, chances are you're looking for a single cigar or two -- otherwise, you should proably be shopping online or through a cigar catalog. Here's a guide to looking for a good single cigar in a cigar shop:

* If you plan to smoke right away, look for open boxes in the cigar shop's humidor that appear to have been there for a while. Cigars are shipped "wet" to avoid drying, and need to sit for a week or more in a proper environment before smoking. If you're holding them in your own humidor, this is not a problem.

* Squeeze the cigar gently. It should "give" but not be too soft.

* Look at the wrapper. It should be smooth and tight, and not damaged on either end.

* Look at the tobacco in the exposed end. Look for extreme or abrupt color changes. Poor tastes and uneven burns will often be the result.



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