Cheapest Alternative: A 'Coolador'

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What is a 'Tupperdor'?

Cheapest Alternative: A 'Coolador'

If you're spending all your cash on premium cigars you may not have a lot left over to spend on a cigar humidor. The cheapest discount humidor is what's called a "coolador," or in some cases a "tupperdor." It's simply a plastic, resealable bowl like Tupperware that acts as a temporary storage device for your cigar.
Drop a wet sponge at the bottom of a smaller container that will sit in the larger container. Use a seperator between the sponge and the rest of the bowl so that your cigar wrappers do not come in direct contact with the sponge. Reseal the lid and you have solid cigar storage for a limited number of cigars. If you're a serious premium cigar smoker, you're still going to want to eventually get a real humidor. But in the meantime, this can help out.



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